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How Much Can You Earn As a Tutor?

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An old Latin saying goes: Knowledge is power. And Benjamin Franklin summed it up with the quote that investing in knowledge still yields the greatest interest. As a result, it’s hardly surprising how well knowledge can be monetized. As long as you have knowledge that you can impart to pupils, trainees and students, nothing and no one stands in your way of earning money with tutoring.

However, not all tutoring is the same. There are considerable differences both in the range of earnings and in the type of tutoring you choose. You can work as a tutor at a tutoring institute or teach privately.

How much money can you charge for tutoring?

How much money to charge for tutoring is an exciting question. Because the amount you can charge for your tutoring depends on what you call your status. Are you a high school or college student or a university graduate? As a high school student, you can’t charge as much. In turn, a graduate who has their bachelor’s degree under their belt can expect a higher hourly wage than a high scool student.

How much do high school students earn as tutors?

How much money you charge for tutoring as a high school student depends on the duration of the lesson on the one hand, and on the subject on the other. Do you teach 45 minutes or a whole hour? In which subject do you tutor? Do you need intensive preparation time or not? In general, the hourly rate for high school students is between $10 and $15 per hour. If you are teaching more complex subjects, such as mathematics or a foreign language, you can expect a higher hourly rate.

How much do college students earn as tutors?

College students earn significantly more compared to high school students. Your hourly wage will range between 12 and 26 dollars per hour. However, even in this case, the wage depends on the willingness of your students to pay, the subject and the type of tutoring you choose. Do you teach in an institute or privately? This question is also decisive for your salary. If you work as a tutor in an institute, your salary may also depend on whether you give individual or group lessons. Thus, the question: How much money do you charge for tutoring as a college student? can only be answered with a range. Read more about information on how to tutor as a student here.

How much do English tutors earn?

How much to charge for English tutoring is also a question that cannot be answered across the board. Because here it plays a role whether you only help your tutoring students with their homework and explain it or whether you support them with an individual teaching offer. Depending on your offering, you can expect a salary between $20 and $25 per hour.

How much should you charge for an hour of tutoring?

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The answer to the question: how much money to charge for tutoring depends on your status. However, you should have an idea of what salary you want to teach for. Because only you decide how much time you want to spend and how much you want to get for it in the end. The subject as well as the semester of your students are also important decision criteria. After all, it stands to reason that math tutoring for an elementary school student involves less effort than math tutoring for a high school student or even a college student.

Individual or group lessons? What state do you live in? The answers to these questions, in turn, are important in answering the question: how much money to charge for tutoring? Because with group lessons, you can look forward to a higher hourly wage. How does it work? Well, if you tutor four students from the same grade level on the same subject matter, they benefit from a group discount. They pay between ten and fifteen dollars per hour, instead of 15 to 20 dollars per lesson. For you, however, this means an hourly wage of up to 60 dollars.

What is the tutoring hourly rate in 2023?

According to Payscale, the average hourly tutoring wage for 2023 is $19 per hour. Depending on the location, subject, and your experience, this range can vary widely and you could also earn up to $50 per hour depending on your qualifications.

What was the tutoring hourly rate in 2022?

Even in 2022, the answer to the question: how much money to charge for tutoring depended on the qualification and the type of instruction chosen. Private, group, or one-on-one tutoring? What subject is being taught? These are all factors that also factored into the tutoring hourly wage in 2022. In 2023, not much changed in this regard. Thus, pay was pretty much the same as in 2023.

What is the reason for the different hourly wages for tutoring?

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How much money for 45 min tutoring depends on numerous factors. The question of how much money parents spend on tutoring also needs to be answered. Tutoring itself is an inexpensive matter for very few families. Numerous families are dependent on state support due to low earnings. Others – especially the top earners – are willing to spend a lot of money on tutoring for their children. In practice, private and individual tutoring in particular has proven to be the most lucrative option for tutoring. The same applies to intensive and exam preparation courses. Before you decide on a course type, you should also know which variant of tutoring you want to practice. Because the question of how much you earn as a tutor depends on the type of course you choose.

 Tutoring prices per hour depend on the following factors:

  • Private tutoring at home
  • Online tutoring
  • Intensive course at home
  • Group tutoring
  • Tutoring at an institute


As mentioned above, experience and qualification play a key role in the level of compensation. It is usually more difficult for high school students to teach intensive courses because they have less experience. Usually, college students, teachers and graduates can teach exam preparation and intensive courses without any problems due to their knowledge and experience.

You can only offer group courses if you also have a special group room. The number of participants is usaully between four and eight students. Even if it is a group lesson, as a tutor you respond to the individual needs of the students. You don’t leave any student without clarifying their questions. Your students should not leave class with unanswered questions because you did not answer their questions during the group class. In addition, group classes offer a cost savings due to the higher number of students.


How much money you should charge for tutoring is a question that can’t be answered in a straightforward way, because there are many factors that go into how much you should get paid. You should think about which subjects and where you want to teach them beforehand. Only then can the question of the hourly wage be answered.

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