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All-in-one Online Scheduling and Client Management Software

Create Booking Pages | Generate Invoices | Get Paid | Manage Clients

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Planubo booking portal, attendance, and invoice section displayed on a laptop and two smartphones

Put your business on autopilot

Booking Page

Without any technical know-how, you can set up your own booking page within minutes and start getting paid by your clients.

You can customize your booking page based on your needs – anything from a description of your services to videos, pictures, contact information, prices, and a calendar with your availability.

You can sell anything from online consultations via our Google Meet and Zoom integrations to physical meetings and products.

  • Your booking page can be completely customized based on your industry and business needs.
  • Click here to view a sample booking page for a tutoring service.
  • Click here to view a sample booking page for a tennis coach.
tutoring and tennis coach booking pages

Online Events

  • Schedule online events within Planubo by connecting to your Google or Zoom account
  • A great option for when you are not able to meet in person or prefer to teach online

Schedule Management

  • Schedule recurring events for groups and individuals
  • View all staff schedules in one calendar 
  • Let Planubo automatically set the event title to the names of your participants to optimize flexibility and last-minute schedule adjustments
  • Specify participation limits and add custom notes to each event to stay on top of things
Planubo staff calendar displayed on laptop

Planubo can be used by a large variety of businesses and individuals

Fitness Coaching

Yoga, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Martial Arts, Swimming, Personal Trainers, Gyms, Pilates, Dance


Universities, Colleges, Tutoring

Professional Services

Business Coaches, Financial Advisors, Consultants

Other Services

Music Teachers, Dog Trainers, Pet Walkers, Outdoor Event Organizers, Freelancers

Find out more information about our custom solutions for:

Invoice on a DIN4 paper and on a laptop

Invoicing System

  • Create professional invoices with just a few clicks
  • Create multiple invoices at once for all your clients and your desired time period
  • Fully customize your invoices by inserting your personal logo and adding a custom footer and notes
  • To make your life easy, all your invoices will be sequentially numbered

Payment Integration

  • Connect your Planubo account with Stripe
  • Easily accept payments within the Planubo platform
  • The only thing your clients need to do is navigate to the invoice section of their own personal account and click the “Pay now” button
  • Your clients don’t need Stripe and can pay you with all major payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, SEPA, and more
Payment Screen displayed on smartphone
The word app displayed on different keyboard buttons

Free Client App

  • With your Planubo subscription, both you and your clients will have access to your own personal accounts
  • Your clients can view messages and feedback, interact with you, sign-up or deregister for lessons, make payments, and much more

Client Profiles

  • Have all your detailed client information in just one place – easily accessible from any device
  • Quickly look up your client’s information. From custom notes to billing to profile pictures. Remembering names will be of ease.
  • For improved client management, custom fields of your choice can be added to each client’s profile. Decide whether the custom fields should be editable and/or viewable by your clients based on your business needs.
Planubo client profile displayed on laptop
Chat and file sharing displayed on a laptop

Media Library

Easily share files with your clients. Your clients will get that extra motivation and will be thrilled to find all of their feedback, assignments, and video reels in one place.

You can share any files – from pictures to Word and Excel documents to videos.

Attendance Tracking

  • Take attendance with just one click. Easily keep records of which clients have attended your lessons.
  • Forgot to take attendance? No worries. Attendance can be marked at any time – before, during, or after your lesson.
  • Get a summary of each client’s attendance to simplify billing.
Student Attendance displayed on smartphone
Planubo staff accounts overview displayed on laptop

Staff Accounts

  • Get a quick overview of the schedule of all staff members
  • View and change the availability of all staff members
  • Assign events and appointments
  • Add private notes about all staff members
  • Add tags and custom fields to better manage your staff


  • Virutal coaching via Google Meet or Zoom
  • Stripe
  • Two-Way Google Calendar Sync
Planubo Integrations

Take Notes

  • Take notes during lessons on your mobile phone. Keep track of how lessons went and what areas you have focused on.
  • Plan ahead and write down notes for your upcoming lessons.
  • Take client-specific notes in the client profile section to keep track of personal client goals and progress.
Student Attendance displayed on smartphone
Student lessons displayed on iPhone

Client Schedules

  • All your clients will see their personalized schedule in the calendar of their own accounts
  • Every time you add a client to a specific event, the event will show up in the client’s calendar
  • Clients can deregister from events on their own

Personal Branding

  • Create your personal subdomain at
  • Change the Planubo login and app logo
  • Adjust the colors of the user interface
  • Customize your entire booking page
  • Send e-mails through your own e-mail instead of the Planubo e-mail service
custom logo on the planubo login page and user interface

Give your service a new sparkle

Improve client satisfaction

Know your availability

Easy administration

Simple client analysis

Additional Features

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