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All You Need to Know About Online Tutoring

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A scientific study conducted by the market research institute YouGov on behalf of Duden Learnattack showed that tutoring has a positive effect on the school grades of almost 75 percent of students. It is therefore not surprising that the online tutoring sector is currently experiencing a real boom. In this blog post, we will address all the questions surrounding the topic of online tutoring.

What are the benefits of online teaching?

Professional and individual tutoring promotes the child’s self-confidence at school. Students can take advantage of the help at any time from the comfort of their own home, thanks to the computer, tablet or smartphone. Knowledge gaps are closed at the individual learning pace.

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is that it is not tied to a specific location. Especially in rural areas, it is often difficult to find high-quality concepts that are also close to home.

Online tutoring can be planned flexibly. Neither students nor tutors have to travel, and parents don’t have to be on hand to drive. Finally, it’s also more environmentally friendly and sustainable, especially if you rely on the car. Learning takes place in a pleasant environment for both student and teacher.

Students can be matched with the best tutors that meet their needs without being limited by the area they live in. In addition, students are more motivated in today’s world when they have digital classroom materials at their fingertips. The Internet has enhanced our everyday lives in many ways. So why should we continue to learn in an untimely way instead of taking advantage of the Internet.


What is the best way to do online tutoring?

As an online tutor, you have the best prerequisites to perform a crisis-proof job independent of location. You can teach from the comfort of your home. You can work with students to improve their study skills, or you can help them improve their grades or tests.

There are two ways you can become an online tutoring teacher. The first option is to sign up with existing online tutoring services, while the second involves starting your own online tutoring business.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, signing up with existing online tutoring platforms is the easier option. Starting your own online tutoring business is more time-consuming but can be more profitable.

You can tutor online not only as a trained teacher, but also as a student with good professional competence and complete knowledge in your subject area. So you can get paid to tutor online as a student and create yourself a great opportunity to earn extra money.


What equipment do I need to teach online?

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To be able to tutor online, you need relatively little equipment. All you need is an Internet connection, laptop or PC with webcam and headset, and one or two tools to make your work easier. Popular and helpful tools are for example Google Classroom or Moodle. Some other tools are available for free download on the Internet, such as Skype or Zoom. Online tutoring like a professional works without a big investment.


What are the requirements to tutor online?

With a degree, you have the best prerequisites as a tutor. If you also share a passion for teaching, can motivate students, and have a certain level of pedagogical skill, you’re just the right person for the job. Among the skills required to be successful as an online tutor are active listening, good reading comprehension, and putting together successful learning strategies.


Can you make a living being an online tutor?

Depending on how many hours you teach per week, you can definitely make a living being an online tutor. For private tutoring, you can usually charge between $11 and $50 per hour. The hourly rate for tutoring can vary greatly depending on your professional background and the subject you teach. The average hourly rate is around $19 per hour according to Payscale. In case you decide to work for a tutoring service, you should note that some agencies charge a commission of up to 20%.


What are the disadvantages of online classes?

Online tutoring does have a few drawbacks to consider, though. For example, not everyone has access to a stable and fast internet, which can be a hassle for both parties.

Sometimes the lack of motivation and determination of the student can affect the cooperation, over which the online tutor has no direct influence. Despite the fact that it is convenient, online tutoring can expose the student to a considerable number of distractions at home. They could easily be distracted by their mobile device, the allure of surfing the web, or even a simple notification. Students could also be distracted when other family members start talking or moving around.


What can you do about boredom in online classes?

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There are also strategies against boredom in private online tutoring lessons. Here it depends on the age group you are teaching. Younger students, for example, can be kept happy through creative exercises with content taken from everyday life. Taking small breaks and laughing together loosens up the lessons and works against boredom in all age groups.


Online tutoring platforms

If you do not want to offer your lessons on your own responsibility, you can offer your services at one of the numerous online tutoring platforms and providers such as GoStudent or Superprof. On many platforms you can network with others and exchange and learn from each other. The operators of an online tutoring platform usually provide you with everything you need to give tutor online successfully. They find your students for you and relieve you of the stress that self-employed tutors might have.

Choosing the right online tutoring platform depends heavily on your business model and its scope. Before you choose an online tutoring platform, you should make sure that you have thought about your goals in advance. Some platforms hire you as a tutor and other platforms provide you with tools and space to run your tutoring business on your terms.



Online tutoring offers you an excellent opportunity to earn income regardless of location. Here you need to weigh up whether you’d rather work for an existing tutoring company or offer private tutoring yourself. If you decide to offer private tutoring yourself or start your own tutoring business, the right tools can drastically reduce the time and effort required to manage your online tutoring business.

Tutoring software like Planubo can make your administrative work as an online tutor easier. For example, Zoom and Google Meet can be integrated with Planubo, so you can easily plan and create online lessons in Planubo. Planubo is a specialized tutoring software for universities, colleges and private tutoring that can relieve you of many administrative tasks.


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