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Tailor-made Software for Business Coaches

Manage Coaches & Clients | Easy Scheduling | Client Portal

Planubo client view and staff calendar displayed on desktop and laptop

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The admin or each business coach alone can set up a booking page within minutes without any technical know-how!

All clients can conveniently sign up for the coaching session of their choice and schedule an appointment with their desired coach.

Planubo staff accounts overview displayed on laptop

Manage Coaches

  • Get a quick overview of the schedule of all coaches
  • View and change the availability of all coaches
  • Assign coaching sessions
  • Add private notes about all coaches
  • Add tags and custom fields to better manage your coaches

Manage Clients

  • Private and group sessions
  • Add private notes about each client
  • Add tags and custom fields to better manage clients
  • Share documents and videos
  • Client portal access. Clients can:
    • View their calendar
    • Sign up and cancel appointments
    • Access online resources
Planubo client profile displayed on laptop
Planubo Integrations


  • Virutal coaching via Google Meet or Zoom
  • Stripe
  • Two-Way Google Calendar Sync

Add Branding

  • White-label Planubo entirely
  • Create your personal subdomain at
  • Replace the Planubo login and app logo with your own logo
  • Adjust the colors of the user interface
  • Customize the footer of your booking pages
  • Send e-mails through your business e-mail instead of the Planubo e-mail service
custom logo on the planubo login page and user interface

Business coaches and clients can easily access Planubo on every device via the internet browser and our mobile app

Planubo scheduling software displayed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone screen

Always stay up-to-date and get the latest notifications. Your information stays safe and is automatically being synchronized through all of your devices.

You can access our software at any time through our mobile app or the internet browser.

See how it works

Get a personal tour and see how Planubo would work at your coaching business.