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Our Team

christoph drechsler portait

Christoph Drechsler


Christoph Drechsler is a talented Software Developer and Analyst. He grew up in Bavaria, Germany and has been playing and instructing tennis almost his entire life. On the side, he is currently working on his Master’s degree in Computer Science. When Christoph is not programming, he enjoys travelling and hanging out with his two cats. 

michael tenzer portrait

Michael Tenzer, MBA


Michael Tenzer is a Data Analyst, Strategist, and Finance Expert. Born in Germany, Michael started playing tennis at a young age. His talents brought him to the US where he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s while playing and coaching college tennis. During his free time, Michael enjoys travelling and non-fiction books, and will never turn down a mean lookin’ spider roll.

Our Story

Born from German-Engineering

August 17

The beginning

Christoph and Michael both share a love of tennis. A sport that would bring them together, first in 2009, and then again in 2015 when Michael coincidently became the assistant coach for Christoph’s college tennis team.

July 10

From friends to business partners

After graduating, both accepted jobs in Indianapolis and continued to play tennis together in their free time. As their friendship grew, they would often discuss their past experiences as tennis instructors and the difficulties involved in managing a small instructing business.

January 1

Planubo is born

Christoph and Michael set out to create a software that would streamline an instructor’s day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus solely on teaching their clients. One week later, Planubo was born.

December 31

Highlights 2021

Planubo keeps growing and is adding more and more features to its software. Some of the highlights include:


  • Release of the Planubo app on the AppStore and Google Play


  • Implementation of Google Calendar Sync


  • Addition of custom fields to the clients’ profiles


  • Option to add personal branding


  • Ability to schedule online meetings through Planubo


  • Implementation of the Planubo booking portal
January 21

Major Feature Release

Planubo is excited to announce their biggest feature release to date! With the new features you are now able to:


  • Schedule and start Zoom calls within Planubo


  • Add multiple staff members to your Planubo subscription


  • Assign tags to your clients and events


  • View and manage the schedule of all your staff members in one easy-to-use calendar
September 12

Upcoming Feature Releases

  • Ability to create and track lesson packages


  • Third-party accounting software integrations


  • Additional business insight reports


August 14

What we’re working towards

A platform that engages both students and teachers. Allowing instructors to make their classes publicly available and easy to find.