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Meet Planubo

Our ultimate objective is to establish a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with you. Our aim is to streamline your business operations, making them more efficient and effective, while delivering remarkable results that have a lasting impact on your success.

Our Team

christoph drechsler portrait

Christoph Drechsler


michael tenzer portrait

Michael Tenzer, MBA


Our Values

Our values revolve around creating a positive and vibrant working atmosphere while placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. We believe in the power of collaboration, mutual respect, and open communication as the cornerstones of our workplace culture.

Above all, our unwavering dedication to our customers drives us. We are deeply committed to exceeding their expectations, providing exceptional service, and building lasting relationships based on trust and integrity. Our values are not just words; they are the guiding principles that inspire us daily to deliver excellence and ensure that every interaction with our customers is a positive and memorable one.