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Planubo is officially launched! Request your free Demo today!

hand holding a phone with the planubo screen on a black background

We are happy to announce the launch of Planubo – a software that simplifies your life as a teaching pro, instructor or college coach. 

We have successfully completed our testing phase and we want to thank all of our testers for their productive feedback. It is our objective to make Planubo as user-friendly as possible and to keep improving our software by continuously adding new features.

What’s new?

Feedback Library. We have added a new feature to our software which allows students to interact with their instructor and the other way around without having to leave the Planubo environment.

First off, instructors can use the feedback library to share documents such as training plans, videos or anything else with their students. Since each student is able to log in to their own Planubo account, both students and instructors can exchange messages within Planubo. This chat function, which can be conveniently customized into categories, will help getting direct feedback about things like training plans, practice notes or videos. But that is not all.

The created chat categories will stay assigned to your student forever. You won’t have to deal with scrolling back multiple times to finally find or not find what you have texted to your student a few days ago. We have all been there..

The good news is that from now on you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can simply create a new chat for each topic of yours. For instance, you can create a chat where you upload your training plan and exchange feedback about just this training plan with your student. Another chat could be about your practice notes. Again, you can upload a Word document or any other document with your comments. Your student will be able to download the document and exchange his or her thoughts about just this topic. This way you can neatly organize your feedback into various categories. 

Do I have to check every day if I have new messages?

Of course not. If one of your students sends you a message about your practice notes chat for example, you will immediately get notified. The notification works like in most other chats and you will be able to see right away which student has sent you how many new messages. 

One of the things we like most about Planubo is that you have all information about each student in one place. You won’t have to use different platforms anymore to organize your lessons. Things like invoices, schedules, notes, and feedback are in one place and neatly assigned to each student.

Your students will benefit too!

As you might have figured out by now, Planubo is not just there to make your life easier. With Planubo, your students will benefit just as much. Since each of your students will have their own account, they can log in whenever they want and check back on the most up-to-date information. Your students can look up their schedules, access the documents you have uploaded for them and exchange their thoughts with you right within the Planubo platform.

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You can also request a free demo on our Contact form with no strings attached. Find out if Planubo is right for you. We are looking forward to chatting with you.

-Your Planubo Team