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Discover Planubo’s custom fields to improve your client management

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Managing your clients can be a cumbersome task. Besides keeping track of schedules, invoices, and payments, you want to excel at client management. One way of improving your client management can be the addition of client attributes.

With Planubo’s new feature you can easily assign custom fields to your clients. These custom fields can be adjusted to match your business needs.

What are custom fields?

Custom fields are a means of letting you add additional information to your client’s profile. The custom fields can be unique to each client and give you a better picture of them. For example, you could create custom fields to store the following data:

  • Best time to contact
  • Skype Name
  • Skill level
  • Emergency Contact
  • Goals
  • Objectives


These are just a few examples but with Planubo you can create any custom field of your choice based on your business needs.


Do I have to add each custom field manually to all of my clients?

Of course not. We wanted to make things as simple as possible for you so you can simply create custom fields for all your clients at once!

Let’s say you want to add the custom field “Goals” to all of your clients. Just navigate to the client settings, add the custom field “Goals”, and then click “Save.” Now the field “Goals” will appear on each of your client’s profiles.


What if you don’t want to complete the profile of each client on your own?

Let the clients do the work for you. When adding a custom field, you can decide whether it should be editable and/or viewable by your client. This way you are in complete control of what should happen with the custom fields.

If you prefer that your clients fill out the custom fields on their own, just select the checkbox “editable.” This way, the client is able to complete their profile on their own by logging into their personal account.

Coming back to the custom field “Goals”: As an example, you could mark it as “editable” and give your client the homework to think about their goals. This can be a good exercise of self-reflection and it also saves you some time. It’s a win-win.

Once the client has come up with their goals, they can write them into the newly created custom field. After entry, you will be able to see your client’s goals immediately within your account.


Closing Remarks

If used correctly, custom fields can be extremely powerful. They can help you to:

  • Better target your clients
  • Store important client data
  • Save you time by letting the clients fill out their own profile
  • Improve client interaction
  • Better understand your clients


Do you have any more questions about custom fields within Planubo? We are happy to answer them. Just reach out to us by using our contact form.

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