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Collecting student payments made easy

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When you run a studio, teach a private class, or own a small business, collecting student payments is one of your daily tasks. In a perfect world, each student would pay their class fee right away and you wouldn’t even have to worry about collecting payments at all.

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t usually look like that. In reality, students are humans too and it is only human to make mistakes. Students can forget their wallets, forget to bring cash, remember to bring cash and still forget to pay, or are just so busy with their daily life that paying their invoice for class gets buried under the to-do list. It is only in your best interest that you stay on top of all the outstanding payments, making sure that you receive all class fees.

Even though giving away free lessons is a nice thing to do, you deserve compensation for all your hard work. Collecting these outstanding payments is a crucial part of running your business.

When a student forgets to pay, you usually remind them to bring the missing payment to the next lesson or transfer the fee in the coming days. But if you have many students to keep track of (and maybe see them only once a week) it is easy to lose track of payments or waste time tracking them down. You are the instructor and you are getting paid for the hours spent actually teaching- not for the hours of managing paperwork and sending out reminders.


Set up a system that works for you

Hands down, if you want to receive your payments on time, you need to have a good system in place that works for you. It is true that many instructors already have their “tried and true” systems and may even swear by their multiple excel sheets and trusty notebook.

However, with technology advancing, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out new things while you look to tweak your current system just a little bit. In the end, you could end up making your life easier and saving valuable time in the process- time that could be used for the activities you love or spending time with friends and family.

With Planubo, you will be able to more easily manage student payments. For the price of less than one lesson per month, you could save yourself hours of work- plus, the headaches of setting up, tracking, and managing it all.

Would you pay the price of less than one lesson per month for your own personal planning assistant? Maybe you’re not sure yet. But what if it could help give you back all the extra hours spent managing your business and organizing Excel sheets? Now, maybe you’re thinking about it.


So how can Planubo actually help out?

Besides offering a student feedback system and easy schedule management, one of Planubo’s top priorities is to provide an easy-to-use payment system.

After setting up your lessons in Planubo’s calendar, you can automatically create invoices for any time range for all your students with just a few clicks. You even have the option to automatically send these invoices to your student’s email inbox with one click.

For instance, let’s assume you have 30 students and 100 lessons in the month of November.


Without Planubo:

You need to keep track of each student’s appointments and then charge each student based on how many lessons he or she participated in or invoice the students prior to their lessons. In addition, when a student pays during the class, you have to take note of it to ensure you don’t charge them again. But on the other hand,  if the student forgets to pay during class, you need to make sure to remind them to pay next time. The same goes for paying the invoices. Keeping everything organized for 30 students and 100 lessons each month is quite time-consuming, isn’t it?


But when using Planubo…

You can simply select the time range of November 1st to November 30th, select all students, click “Send invoices via E-Mail,” then “Preview” to be able to double-check the generated invoices, before clicking “Create Invoices.”

With no more than six clicks, you have created an entire month of invoices for 30 students and 100 lessons. Upon creation, your students will automatically receive an email with their individualized invoice – from which they can pay cash at the next lesson or immediately pay online within the Planubo platform.

With your Planubo subscription, each student of yours receives their own personal account where all the student’s invoices are stored. If they chose, they can pay these invoices directly via credit card. With this option, you are offering convenience while simultaneously increasing your odds of receiving payment on time.

Lastly, with Planubo’s mobile app you can do all of that from anywhere!

Start your free trial with no strings attached. We don’t even ask for your payment information.